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THE BUSH SISTERS – Gisla, Gabrielle and Grace  have collaborated to form G.B. Literati, a family literacy team.  The sisters are the oldest of nine children born to Bobby & Gisla Bush.  Gisla and Gabrielle were employed by the university as math tutors.  The three sisters volunteered as Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) tutors for three years. They were all homeschooled and entered college at fifteen, fourteen and thirteen years of age, respectively. They received their bachelor’s degrees in three years with honors and completed their graduate degrees in two years. Grace is presently pursing her PhD at the age of 19; law school is on the horizon for Gisla, 22 and Gabrielle, 20.  The sisters aspire to hold positions of national leadership.  The community has already experienced the early effects of their leadership. In April 2016, they were recognized among the top 100 most influential women in the history of Florida Atlantic University. The sisters have blazed a trail of excellence which has landed them notoriety in the national and international scene, being featured on the NBC’s TODAY Show and other prominent media outlets.